Got Glutes?

By: Dr. Kelli Westhues

When the gluteus medius muscle is not strong it can cause all sorts of issues. So what in the world is that and where is it? The glute med is the dynamic stabilizer of the hip and pelvis. Used a lot for activities like walking, running and squatting.

Weakness of the glute med contributes and allows for excessive internal rotation of thigh and pelvic instability. This problem alone can not only contribute to hip/booty issues but also knee pain and internal tibial rotation.

Runners with IT Band problems frequently demonstrate hip abductor weakness on affected side. Weakness in these areas may also cause excessive strain on the MCL and ACL (ligaments in the knee) as well as lateral displacement of the patella (knee cap).

Signs you need to do some glute strengthening may be:

-Knee pain

-Shin Splints

-Arch/flat foot issues

Here are some strengthening exercises you can do to specifically help this very important muscle.

Part 1: Standing

Part 2: Clam Shells

Part 3: Fire Hydrant

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